Nadech Kugimiya Calls Yaya Urassaya With A Sweet Word

Nadech Kugimiya calls Yaya Urassaya with a sweet word when they go to do a good thing at Chonburi province together. In the clip video taken by their fan, he asks her that baby don’t you wash your hands.

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Many fans are so happy to hear this sweet word from Nadech Kugimiya. They comment, “He calls her Tee Ruk,” “They’re so cute,” “I’m so shy, I love this couple so much.”

Nadech and Yaya played a couple for the first time in 2010 in a TV drama ‘Duang Jai Akkanee’. Their latest TV drama ‘The Crown Princess – Likit Ruk’ broadcasted on Thai TV3 in May 2018.

Photo: aomeaim

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