9 Things You Need To Know About Namfah Thanyaphat, Who Played As Boonpluk In ‘Krong Karm’

Namfah Thanyaphat gets much attention from the audiences after playing as Boonpluk in a new TV drama ‘Krong Karm’. We will show you 9 things about Namfah Thanyaphat in the article below.

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1. Namfah Thanyaphat was born on 08 July 2000. She is 18 years old.

2. She just completed her study in high school.

3. The actress likes watching a video on YouTube, singing, playing sports, and playing musical instruments.

4. She used to be a host of a TV show ‘Vic Nee See Chompoo’ on Thai TV3.

5. In 2017, she played a movie ‘The Promise’ for GDH 559.

6. In the same year, she played as a younger sister of Patricia Good in a TV drama ‘Sai Lub Jub Abb’.

7. In 2018, she played a TV drama ‘Rim Fung Narm’.

8. This year, she is well-known after playing a TV drama ‘Krong Karm’.

9. Firstly, she didn’t cast the character of Boonpluk, Namfah said.

Photo: namfah_thunyaphat

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