5 New Thai Channel 7 TV Dramas

According to the source, Thai channel 7 planned to produce several new TV dramas with the performance of popular actors.

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Rarng Rak Prang Jai

On June 02, Thai channel 7 announced the new TV drama ‘Rarng Ruk Prang Jai’ that Min Pechaya will play the leading role.

In this new drama, she is paired with her junior actor Ko Vasin for the first time. Also, that’s his first prime time TV drama.

Wong Wiang Huajai



Porshe Saran and Now Tisanart lately joined the costume fitting of the new drama remake ‘Wong Wian Huajai’.

In 2018, Porshe and Now played a couple in the drama remake ‘Sai Lohit’.

Ku Kaen Saen Ruk

Mike Pattaradet and Mookda Narinrak will reunite in the new TV drama remakes ‘Ku Kaen Saen Ruk’.

Phao Khon

Kem Hussawee to star alongside Cartoon Nuttanicha in the new TV drama ‘Phao Khon’.

Prik Gub Gluea

Thanwa Suriyajak and Kat Sonya cast in the new TV drama remake ‘Prik Gub Kluea’.

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