New Thai dramas that have just been announced in late May and early June 2022

In late May and early June, many new Thai dramas have officially been announced with the performance of popular stars.

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Krong Dok Sroi (CH3)

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After “Pom Sanaeha” finished airing on Thai TV3, drama producer May Fuangarom started her new project “Krong Dok Sroi”.

The cast is so interesting including Pon Nawasch, Yada Narilya, Toon Pimpawee, and Mean Phiravich.

Prai Ramun (CH3)

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According to Daradaily, Job Thuchapon reunites with Yiiiwha Preeyakarn in the new drama “Prai Ramun” which is a remake version of “Mae Nak Phra Khanong”.

They have started filming the drama for a while.

Nobody’s Happy If I’m Not (CH3)

Many viewers are surprised when Anne Thongprasom announces the lineup of the new drama “Nobody’s Happy If I’m Not”.

The drama stars Nine Naphat, Taew Natapohn, Aff Taksaorn, Dj Push, Punjan Prama, and many others.

Montra Tha Kieng Kaew (CH7)

“Montra Tha Kieng Kaew” is a sequel to “Sao Noi Tha Kieng Kaew” and will star young stars Poom Kiatipoom, Garn Nuttacha, Trai Jakkapat, and Cher Cherlyn.

Ruethai Bdy (CH7)

Yesterday, June 10, the channel officially reveals that the new period-action drama “Ruethai Bdy” will be produced soon with the performance of Donut Phattharapon, Jinn Jinna, Garn Nuttacha, and Jenny Chayissara.

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