New Thai TV Dramas For October 2019

For this October 2019, many new TV dramas are coming to Thai TV3, ONE 31, and Channel 7.

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Sanya Kaen Saen Ruk

A TV drama ‘Sanya Kaen Saen Ruk’ featuring Nike Nitidon and Vill Wannarot to premiere soon on ONE 31.

Plerng Sanaeha

Nune Woranuch is back to Thai Channel 7 once again with a new period TV drama ‘Plerng Sanaeha’. This drama plans to premiere on 08 October 2019 after a TV drama ‘Song Naree’ finishes its airing.

Insee Deng

A TV drama ‘Insee Deng’ starring Om Akapan and Bow Maylada to premiere on 10 October 2019 after a TV drama ‘Roy Akart’ completes its airing.

Tee Krai Tee Mun

According to the source, a new TV drama ‘Tee Krai Tee Mun’ featuring Nine Naphat and Gina Yeena to premiere soon on Thai TV3.

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