Here are 6 new versions of Aum Patchrapa’s popular dramas

Here are 6 new versions of Aum Patchrapa’s popular dramas.

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Song Sanaeha

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A new version of “Song Sanaeha” stars James Ma and Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas.

Game Lah Torrachon

“Game Lah Torrachon” is a new version of the 2010 drama “Prajun Lai Payak”.

In this new version starring Mark Prin, Taew Natapohn, Top Jaron, and Toon Pimpawee.

Pom Sanaeha

“Pom Sanaeha” starring Great Warintorn and Patricia Good is a new version of “Plerng Payu”.

Ku Kaen San Ruk

A new version of “Ku Kaen San Ruk” stars Mike Pattaradet and Mookda Narinrak.

Chit Sanghan

The original version of “Chit Sanghan” aired in 2002 on Thai Channel 7 with the performance of Poh Nattawut, Aum Patchrapa, and Yui Chiranan.

A new version of this drama starring Bank Thiti, Aob Nithi, and Peak Pattarasaya.

This drama will air in 2021 on ONE 31.

Mia Luang

“Mia Luang” with the performance of Aum Patchrapa aired in 2009 on Thai Channel 7.

The new version reportedly cast New Wongsakorn, Tak Bongkod, and Pim Pimprapa.

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