New Thai TV Dramas That Senior Actresses Play A Couple With Junior Actors

4 new Thai drama projects that senior actresses play a couple with their junior actors.

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Game Ruk Ao Keun

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A TV drama ‘Game Ruk Ao Keun’ is airing on GMM 25 every Monday and Tuesday starring Nune Woranuch and Joss Way-ar.

Dare to Love: Hai Ruk Pipaksa

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Chomlumpi of Thai TV3 to produce a new TV drama ‘Dare to Love: Hai Ruk Pipaksa’ starred by a popular actress Bella Ranee and a new actor Kongthap Peak.

Jark Sadtroo Soo Huajai

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Aum Patchrapa to play a couple with her junior actor Mik Thongraya for the first time in a new Thai channel 7 TV drama ‘Jark Sadtroo Soo Huajai’.

Kor Kerd Mai Klai Klai Ter

Tor Thanapob to play a couple with Aff Taksaorn for the first time in a new ONE 31 TV drama ‘Kor Kerd Mai Klai Klai Ter’. In the photos from a costume fitting, they look good together and has great chemistry.


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