14 new Thai TV3 drama remakes of 2020

Here are the new Thai TV3 drama remakes of 2020.

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Dao Khon La Duang

Great Warintorn plays a couple with Suphaphorn Wongthuaithong in the new action TV drama “Dao Khon La Duang”.

Mia Jum Pen

Mai Warit finished filming the new TV drama remake “Mia Jum Pen” with Pie Rinrada.

Keb Pandin

“Keb Pandin” is another interesting TV drama remake with the performance of Pon Nawasch, Oom Eisaya, and Ice Panuwat.

Game Lah Torrachon

“Game Lah Torrachon” is a remake of “Prajun Lai Payak”. In this new version, Mark Prin and Taew Natapohn play the leading roles.

Help Me……Khun Pee Chuay Duay

“Help Me…..Khun Pee Chuay Duay” is a remake of “Gerd Tae Chard Pang Nai” with the performance of Diana Flipo and Pariit Thimthong.

Song Sanaeha

“Song Sanaeha”, starring James Ma and Kimmy Kimberley, completed its filming and scheduled to air soon.

Nam Pueng Kom

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Dome Pakornlam will come back with a new TV drama remake “Nampueng Kom” starring alongside Yiiiwha Preeyakarn.

Pom Sanaeha

Great Warintorn plays a couple with Patricia Good for the first time in the new TV drama remake “Pom Sanaeha”.

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Lueard Chao Phraya

“Lueard Chao Phraya” is another action TV drama with the performance Denkhun Ngamnet, Pop Thagoon, Suphaphorn Wongthuaithong, and many others.

Phoot Maenam Khong

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Mai Warit reunites with Oom Eisaya in the new TV drama remake “Phoot Maenam Khong”.

Mae Krua Kon Mai

August Vachiravit stars alongside Namfah Thunyaphat in the new TV drama remake “Mae Krua Kon Mai”.

Sapai Jao Sua

Ohm Kanin and Prim Prima take the leading roles in “Sapai Jao Sua”.

Theptida Pla Rah

Kratingg Khunnarong and Chippy Sirin played a couple for the first time in “Theptida Pla Rah”.

Peesard Saen Kol

Boat Tara plays the leading role alongside a rising actress Lala Larissa in “Peesard Saen Kul”.

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