Nine Naphat Is Asked About His First Love And Many Other Things

Interviewing with a famous GQ Magazine, Nine Naphat is asked about his first love and many other things. Let check out the exclusive interview below.

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Reporter: What is your first advertisement?

Nine: It’s was King Power. In that advertisement, I was playing the guitar. It was fun because I did it the best.

Reporter: What is your first TV drama?

Nine: A TV drama ‘Ruk Kan Punlawan’ on Thai TV3. I play as the CEO of the zoo. The script is fun.

Reporter: What is your first movie?

Nine: My first movie is ‘The Gift’.

Reporter: Who is your first leading actress?

Nine: She is Ice Preechaya. She has a good acting skill and I also follow her works. As an actress, she is great and a producer Paa Jaew likes her acting.

Reporter: How about you the money you earn for the first time?

Nine: I work every day but I don’t know my own fee. I’m not interested in money. Let it be the duty of my manager.

Reporter: What is your first musical instrument?

Nine: A guitar.

Reporter: Your first love?

Nine: When I was young, I crushed on a lovely girl.

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