Nine Naphat Says His Mother Feels Shy Meeting Tik Jesdaporn

On 03 February 2019, Nine Naphat’s mother, Mo Pimpaka met a handsome actor Tik Jesdaporn at the backstage and she looked so shy meeting him because she has admired him for a long time.

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Reporter: In the clip video, your mother meets P’ Tik Jesdaporn.

Nine: I see my mother reaction for the first time. It’s funny. Firstly, she looks normal but when it’s time for P’ Tik to be on the stage, she shows her reaction because she admires P’ Tik so much. I record the video and share it on Instagram.

Reporter: Do you want to tease your mother?

Nine: Yes, I do. I tell P’ Tik that I will record the video. Normally, she looks manly and it’s the first time I see my mother’s reaction.

Reporter: Does she admire the others besides Tik?

Nine: She probably admires the others. If it has, I’ll share it again.

Reporter: When back home, she admires P’ Tik?

Nine: She admires him so much. When P’ Tik sings a song with Settha Sirachaya, she likes it so much.

See the full clip video here

Photo: naphat_nine

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