Nong Inter Rungrada Becomes The Most Popular Thai Child Actress

Nong Inter Rungrada is a new rising Thai child actress who is so popular in Thailand after starring in a sitcom ‘Suparburoot Sut Soi’ with March Chutavuth, Tao Sattapong, and R Arnuttaphol.

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She is more famous when playing as Noo Da in a famous TV drama ‘Mia 2018’ with Bee Namthip and Film Thanapat. Nong Inter is currently showing her acting skill in other new TV dramas ‘Aruna 2019’ and ‘Laila Thida Yak’ on ONE 31.

She is also currently filming another new TV drama ‘Payakorn Sorn Ruk’ with James Jirayu and Ice Preechaya.

Photo: inter_rungrada

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