Aff Taksaorn Sheds A Tear Of Happiness After Receiving A Thai Jasmine Garland From Nong Pea Mai

On 09 August 2019, a YouTube show ‘Travel with Pea and Aff’ was coming back with a new episode.

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On the show, Nong Pea Mai gives a Thai jasmine garland to Aff Taksaorn to celebrate a Mother’s Day in Thailand. Nong Pea Mai also says, “I love you, mom. I will take care of you.”

Aff Taksaorn smiles to her daughter and sheds a tear of happiness. Then, Nong Pea hugs her mother with a beautiful smile.

It’s really a memorable moment for Aff Taksaorn and Nong Pea Mai on a Mother’s Day this year.

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