Now Tisanart To Play A Challenging Character With Es Kantapong In A New TV Drama

Now Tisanart to play a challenging character with Es Kantapong for the first time in a new TV drama ‘Mae Bia’.

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Jinn Jinnaa, Rodmay Kaneungnij, and many others to join the cast of the drama.

In this remade TV drama, Now Tisanart to play Mekkala and Es Kantapong to play Chanachol.

According to the source, a popular artist manager A-Supachai will be a producer for this drama.

The drama to start filming soon and will air in 2020.

Please stay tuned for more update about a TV drama ‘Mae Bia’.

Photo: IG now_tisanart | s_kantapong | rodmayaloha

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