Fans Wished To See Nychaa Nuttanicha Playing A Couple With Mark Prin And Other Actors In New TV Dramas

Fans wished to see Nychaa Nuttanicha playing a couple with Mark Prin and other actors in new TV dramas.

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After showing her great acting skill with same generation Thai actors in several TV dramas, fans want to see her working with the top actor likes Mark Prin, Nine Naphat, Boy Pakorn, James Jirayu, James Ma, Nadech Kugimiya, Pope Thanawat, and more.

The actress is filming 2 new TV dramas ‘Wassana Ruk’ and ‘Duang Jai Nai Montra’. Nychaa Nuttanicha also cast in a new TV drama ‘Game Pratana’ with Alek Teeradetch.

Photo: Instagram nychaa, naphat_nine, mark_prin


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