P’ Off Pongpat Starts Preparing A Work Plan For A New TV Drama

‘Lai Ginary’ is another new interesting TV drama that many fans are waiting for due to a good storyline and the cast. The production chooses Tik Jesdaporn and Yaya Urassaya Sperbund to play a couple for the first time in this drama.

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On 07 June 2019, P’ Thanya uploaded the photo of P’ Off Pongpat and the team on the official Instagram with a caption “Start preparing the work after taking a break for many months.”

Fans expect that the production to start filming a new TV drama ‘Lai Ginary’ soon. The rumor says that a male lead has changed from Tik Jesdaporn to Nadech Kugimiya. However, it hasn’t confirmed about it. Please stay tuned for more update.

Photo: keaw_jung | urassayas | tik_pholdee

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