Ohm Atshar And Kwan Usamanee Take Lead Roles In A New Drama

According to the source, Ohm Atshar and Kwan Usamanee to take lead roles in a new TV drama ‘Game Rai Game Rissaya’ alongside Sun Prachakorn and many others.

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Ohm Atshar and Kwan Usamanee, who are currently freelance actor and actress, to play a couple for the first time even they have worked in the industry for a long time.

The drama to produce by Polyplus Entertainment (a production that produced a TV drama ‘Fai Hima for Thai Channel 7) and air on PPTV channel.

Please stay tuned for more update about this drama.

Photo: kwanusa9 | ohm_atshar | sun_prachakorn

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