9 Things You Need To Know About Ohm Pawat

Ohm Pawat is a new actor who is currently showing his acting skill in a new TV series ‘He’s coming to me’ with Singto Prachaya.

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1. Ohm Pawat was born on 22 March 2000.

2. He has a younger brother.

3. The actor is currently studying a bachelor degree in Social Communication Innovation.

4. He likes playing a game and drawing.

5. Ohm Pawat started collecting the model car since he studied grade 4. Now he has over 100 model cars.

6. He likes traveling to natural places.

7. He debuted as an actor in 2016 with a hit TV series ‘Make It Right: The Series’.

8. Ohm Pawat is well-known after playing a TV series ‘He’s Coming to Me’ with Singto Prachaya this year.

9. Soon, the actor will have another new TV series ‘Blacklist’ with Chimon Wachirawit, Nanon Korapat, and many others.

Photo: ohmpawat

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