3 New ONE 31 Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss Next Year

3 New ONE 31 dramas you shouldn’t miss next year starring several popular actors and actresses.

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A new remade TV drama ‘Taley Rissaya’ is being filmed and stars Jes Jespipat, Vill Wannarot, Aom Phiyada, and Saksit Tangtong.

According to the source, ‘Kaew Khon Lek’ to be remade soon and stars a talented actor Cee Siwat. The drama will be made from a novel of popular author Tree Apirum.

Another remade drama ‘Poot Pissawart’ is being filmed by the actor turned producer Tye Natapol. The drama stars Film Thanapat, Bifern Anchasa and Pinky Savika.

Which drama are you waiting for?

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