Outstanding On-Screen Couple 2023 (Group 1)

This 2023, it’s no surprise that many new on-screen couples with the best chemistry getting much love from local and international fans.

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Additionally, some well-known drama series couples come back to working together again.

Today, December 11, the “Outstanding On-Screen Couple” group 1 is now open.

On-screen couples on the list are:

  • Daou Offroad
  • Anda Lookkaew
  • Noon Praewa
  • Tutor Yim
  • Aoom Mena

  • Tay New
  • James Jirayu Toey
  • Nadech Kimberley
  • Mew Mild
  • Pong Pooklook

Voting Mechanics

  • Firstly, please select only one on-screen couple from the list when casting your vote.
  • Then, you can vote again after casting your first vote.
  • The top 5 on-screen couples with the highest votes will move to the finalists.
  • The poll starts from today until December 20 at 3 PM (BKK).


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