A TV Drama Producer Paa Jaew Says A TV Drama ‘Payakorn Sorn Ruk’ To Finish Filming Soon

On 01 July 2019, Paa Jaew uploaded a photo of the actor James Jirayu and the actress Ice Preechaya sitting on the sofa on his official Instagram.

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In the caption, a TV drama producer writes, “There was a new about the cast went to record for a TV show ‘Open Vig 3’, that’s why a rumor said that the drama finished its filming. No! the drama probably finishes shooting in August. These days, the weather isn’t cooperating for the outdoor shooting. So let filming this show because it’s difficult to get everyone back together again. When the drama is ready to be broadcast on the television, we don’t need to hurry. The drama expects to air later this year.”

Photo/source: tanadlakorntheofficial (1) (2)  | paajaew | wanda4jamesji

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