Pie Rinrada Is Asked About Champ Chanatip

On 08 May 2019, Pie Rinrada attended ‘Kazz Awards 2019’ and had an interview about her co-star Champ Chanatip.

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“Champ Chanatip is flirting me? I’m also curious about it. A person, who knows me, sends the news to me. I tell her that it’s nothing because I and he know each other for a long time,” Pie Rinrada says.

“When it comes out, I’m also curious but it’s really nothing. He is a good person. For a post he tags me, it’s because we’re together at that time. He posts the photo to say thanks to the shop that let him borrow the suit, but they think that the suit is mine,” she adds.

Photo: pierinrada | champ_chanatip

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