Thai Actresses Who Return Playing TV Dramas And Movies

3 Thai actresses who return playing TV dramas and movies after taking a break for a long time.

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Ploy Chidjun

After taking a break from playing a TV drama for 10 years, Ploy Chidjun is back playing a TV drama ‘Samee See Thong’ for Change 2561 alongside Katreeya English, Fluke Krirkphol, and more.

Aff Taksaorn

According to the source, Aff Taksaorn to work with her junior actor Tor Thanapob for the first time in a new ONE 31 TV drama but the title of drama hasn’t revealed yet.

Chompoo Araya

Chompoo Araya works as a host for a TV show ‘3 Zaap’ only after she got married and has twin babies. She now returns playing a movie ‘Tootsie The Movie’ alongside Jaylerr Krissanapoom, Peak Patrasaya, and more.

Photo: chomismaterialgirl | aff_taksaorn | ploychidjun

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