Pon Nawasch Is Asked If Bua Nalinthip Is His Idealy Type, Here’s His Answer

Last month, Pon Nawasch and Bua Nalinthip traveled to Phuket taking a photoshoot together for ‘Honeymoon Travel Magazine’. Pon Nawasch is asked if Bua Nalinthip is his ideal type. Bua Nalinthip also answers this question.

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Reporter: Bua Nalinthip is your ideal type?

Pon: (Laugh) What should I answer. I can’t continue answering the question (Shy). She is my ideal type. Ask I tell before that I like a short girl. (He turns to look at Bua Nalinthip taking a photoshoot)

Reporter: How about you?

Bua: He is my ideal type. When I’m with him, I’m happy. He always talks to me and it’s good. When we meet, he is always joking with me.

Photo: buanalinthip | pon_nawasch

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