Pon Nawasch Admitted That He Is A Fan Of Blackpink’s Lisa

Pon Nawasch, a handsome and rising Thai TV3 actor, recently attended a TV show ‘3 Zaap’ with other actors.

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A TV show host Kalamere asked who was a big fan of Blackpink’s Lisa? Other TV show hosts Ma Ornapa and Aff Taksaorn guessed that Pon Nawasch was a fan of Blackpink’s Lisa.

He admitted that his older brother introduced Blackpink to him. After that, he started watching Blackpink’s music video. He added that Lisa Manoban was lovely.

Aff Taksaorn asked Pon Nawasch what would he talked to Lisa if he met her in person.

The actor answered that he would be speechless.

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