Pon Nawasch Says Bua Nalinthip Is Lovely and His Ideal Type

In recent days, Pon Nawasch gives an interview with Daradaily and talks about his co-star Bua Nalinthip.

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“I will work with Bua Nalinthip once again in a new TV drama in September or October. We’re close as a brother and sister because we work together in a TV drama ‘Tra Barb See Chompoo’,” Pon Nawasch says.

“Our fans support us to be a real couple. I’m happy for it (Laugh). Thank you! Now we’re co-stars. Bua Nalinthip is lovely and she is my ideal type. When we talk to each other, we always talk about work and we have never talked about private life. I flirt her or not? We do our own jobs now (no time for it).”

Photo: pon_nawasch (1) | buanalinthip

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