Pon Nawasch, In Sarin, And Namwhan Phulita Join The Costume Fitting Of A New Drama

Pon Nawasch is so hot after playing a leading actor in a hit TV drama ‘Tra Barb See Chompoo’ alongside Bua Nalinthip. On 05 February 2019, the actor joins the costume fitting with Namwhan Phulita, and In Sarin in a new TV drama ‘Fak Fah Kiri Dao’.

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Namwhan Phulita and In Sarin are currently playing in a TV drama ‘Thong Aek Mor Yah Ta Chalong’ with Mario Maurer and Kimmy Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri.

The drama will be produced by Pao Jin Jong production, which Two Nappon Gomarachun is a producer. According to the source, the drama is going to film in India.

Watch the video for a costume fitting here

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