A new TV drama “Prom Likit” reportedly will start filming soon

A TV drama producer Nong Arunosha reveals that a new TV drama “Prom Likit” will start filming in October 2020.

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Photo: IG popezaap

The source adds that the production team and cast get ready to film this new TV drama.

“Prom Likit” is a season 2 of the massive hit 2018 TV drama “Buppesunnivas”.

This upcoming TV drama stars the popular actor Pope Thanawat and Bella Ranee.

In this new season, Pope Thanawat will play the role of twins who are the sons of ‘Karakade’ and ‘Muen Suntorndewa’.

Are you excited to see season 2 of “Buppesunnivas”?

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