Pope Thanawat Talks About Muay Li AF11

On 09 February 2019, Pope Thanawat attended the event of BSC Beauty Run & Rally and had the interview with the reporters.

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“We are just a brother and sister but we really know each other. We’re not a couple but we just know each other. For the past, I don’t want to talk about it because it’s my private life. Now it’s really nothing,” Pope Thanawat says.

“Thanks for loving me because many people love and admire me. I want to say thanks to her for loving me. It’s good having a person who loves us. I feel nothing for her interview. Some people send me a video clip (of the interview) but it’s a long one, that’s why I watch the editing one. I feel nothing and just listen to it because it’s just the past,” he adds.

Photo: popeoppa


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