Pope Thanawat Is In Talk To Star In A New Movie After 7 Years

According to Daradaily, Pope Thanawat is in talk to star in a new movie after 7 years. His first movie was ‘October Sonata’ in 2009 and the last movie was ‘Raklamile’ in 2012 (In the cinema in 2013).

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“The production has contacted me and I’m in talk to sign a contract to play this movie. I have never played a movie for a long time. If I agree to play this movie, it will be the first movie after I become an actor under Thai TV3,” Pope Thanawat says.

“I want to play this movie but I have to check out the actors, director, and many other things. I’ll see if the character fits with me or not. After I check, it’s an interesting one. I know the cast but it hasn’t confirmed yet. When I sign the contract to play this movie, I’ll tell about the cast,” he adds.

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