Popular makeup artists for famous Thai celebrities

Here are popular makeup artists for famous Thai celebrities.

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Pom Vinij

Photo: IG a_tiwakorn, nongchat, pom_vinij, armytoast

Pom Vinij is a popular makeup artist for various celebrities including Chompoo Araya, Mint Chalida, Rita Sririta, and more.

Nong Chat

Nong Chat is well-known as a makeup artist for Aum Patchrapa and also many other top Thai actresses.


A Tiwakorn is a makeup artist for Taew Natapohn, Gam Wichayanee, Min Pechaya, Kwan Usamanee, and more.

Army Achawin

Also on the list, Army Achawin is the popular makeup artist for many Thai celebrities.

He always makes up for Patricia Good, Bella Ranee, Min Pechaya, Mew Suppasit, and more.

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