4 Rising Actors Of ONE 31

ONE 31 is a popular Thai channel with various popular TV dramas. Many popular and talented actors are working with the channels.

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Film Thanapat

Film Thanapat is now so popular and filming 2 new TV dramas ‘Chun Chue Bussaba’ and ‘Ruk Laek Pop’.

Tor Thanapob

After a TV drama ‘Huajai Sila’ broadcasts on ONE 31, Tor Thanapob becomes another popular actor. He is cast in a new TV drama ‘Kor Kerd Mai Klai Klai Ter’ with Aff Taksaorn.

Neng Sarun

Neng Sarun is a rising actor who is showing his acting skill in a new TV drama ‘Phatu Kat’.

4. Tre Porapat

Tre Porapat is another rising actor under ONE 31 and showing his great acting skill in a TV drama ‘Phatu Kat’ with Neng Sarun.

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