9 things you need to know about PP Krit

9 things you need to know about a rising actor PP Krit.

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1. PP Krit was born on April 30, 1999.

2. He is 177 centimeters in height.

3. He is studying for a bachelor’s degree at Kasetsart University, Faculty of Economics.

4. PP Krit debuted as an actor in the series “i Stories” in 2018.

5. He grew his popularity when he took the role of ‘Tew’ in ONE 31 TV series “My Ambulance: Ruk Chut Jai Nai Chuk Chern”.

6. He became a shipped couple with Billkin Puttipong after working together in this series.

7. PP Krit is an actor under Nadao Bangkok.

8. In 2020, he becomes a popular rising actor after starring in the series “I Told Sunset About You” with Billkin.

9. He has been friends with Billkin since he hasn’t debuted as an actor. They know each other when they study a special course together.

Photo: IG pp.kritt

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