A New TV Drama ‘Prao Mook’ To Produce Soon

According to the source, the drama ‘Prao Mook’ to take a costume fitting and start filming in mid-2019 starring Pon Nawasch, Bua Nalinthip, Kratingg Khunnarong, and Mint Ranchrawee.

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In the drama, Pon Nawasch to play as Chalunthorn or Lun while Bua Nalinthip plays as Praomook or Mook. For Kratingg Kunnaroong, he will take the role of Marut.

A new actress Mint Ranchrawee will join the cast by playing as Nampetch in this drama.

Are you excited and waiting for this new drama?

Photo: buanalinthip | pon_nawasch | tualek_suphansa

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