Punjan Prama Says That He Really Flirts Thisa Varitthisa

A handsome actor Punjan Prama attends the event of Nescafe and has the interview with reporters about him and a beautiful actress Thisa Varitthisa.

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Reporter: You talk to her in private?

Punjan: It must be step by step and it’s late but it’s sure is better. For a feeling, no one can answer instead of someone because we’re adults.

Reporter: You have a meal or watch a movie with her?

Punjan: No. Normally, we go somewhere as a group. We sometimes go to have a meal or do a good thing.

Reporter: Everything is going well?

Punjan: It’s step by step. I’m sure from the first start that I flirt her. I support her for a job.

Reporter: Have a meal together for only two?

Punjan: It’s the future.

Photo: thivaritthisa | punjanprama

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