[Results] Best New TV Drama And Movie Couple of 2020

The following are the results of “Best New TV and Movie Couple of 2020” for the first round.

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Mew Suppasit and Gulf Kanawut (155,331 Votes)


Ohm Thitiwat and Fluke Natouch (105,987 Votes)



Zee Pruk and Saint Suppapong (24,781 Votes)



God Itthipat and Richy Oranate (7,362 Votes)



Bright Vachirawich and Win Metawin (6,132 Votes)



Tommy Sittichok and Jimmy Karn (6,086 Votes)



Bank Thanatip and Pon Thanapon (3,056 Votes)



Mik Thongraya and Bow Maylada (1,679 Votes)



Ohm Pawat and Nont Sadanont (913 Votes)



Billkin Putthipong and PP Krit (822 Votes)


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10 TV drama and movie couples in the list above will move to the semi-finalists.

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