[Results] The Best Shipped Couple of November 2019

The voting was opened for “The Best Shipped Couple of November 2019” on November 01, 2019 and was closed on November 30, 2019. Let check out which shipped couple get most number of votes from the public below.

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Thai drama couples in the list of the top 20 are:

  1. Mew Suppasit and Gulf Kanawut
  2. Mean Phiravich and Plan Rathavit
  3. Perth Tanapon and Saint Suppapong
  4. Krist Perawat and Singto Prachaya
  5. God Itthipat and Bas Suradet
  6. Off Jumpol and Atthaphan Poonsawas
  7. Joong Archen and Nine Kornchid
  8. Tay Tawan and New Thitipoom
  9. Pope Thanawat and Bella Ranee
  10. Billkin Puthipong and PP Krit
  11. Ben Benjamin and Earth Teerapat
  12. Phoom Naret and Dome Waranart
  13. Mark Siwat and Gunnapat
  14. Tor Thanapob and Fern Nopjira
  15. Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya
  16. Mai Warit and Oom Eisaya
  17. Podd Suphakorn and Fluke Gawin
  18. James Jirayu and Taew Natapohn
  19. Title Kirati and Earth Katsamonnat
  20. Sky Wongravee and Mai Davika
Number CelebritiesVotes
1stMew Suppasit and Gulf Kanawut50,152
2ndMean Phiravich and Plan Rathavit35,269
3rdPerth Tanapon and Saint Suppapong34,295
4thKrist Perawat and Singto Prachaya32,909
5thGod Itthipat and Bas Suradet19,942
6thOff Jumpol and Atthaphan Poonsawas12,774
7thJoong Archen and Nine Kornchid10,596
8thTay Tawan and New Thitipoom6,825
9thPope Thanawat and Bella Ranee5,231
10thBillkin Puthipong and PP Krit3,899
11stBen Benjamin and Earth Teerapat3,088
12thPhoom Naret and Dome Waranart2,868
13thMark Siwat and Gunnapat2,109
14thTor Thanapob and Fern Nopjira1,081
15thNadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya873
16thMai Warit and Oom Eisaya843
17thPodd Suphakorn and Fluke Gawin743
18thJames Jirayu and Taew Natapohn734
19thTitle Kirati and Earth Katsamonnat554
20thSky Wongravee and Mai Davika475

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