[Results] The Best Thai TV Dramas And Series of 2019

There are many great TV dramas and series this year. The following are the top 10 best TV dramas and series of 2019 voted by the audiences.

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1. Suparburoot Jorm Jon: Maturot Loghan (CH7)

2. Bai Mai Tee Plid Plew (ONE 31)

3. Tharntype The Series (ONE 31)

4. Suparburoot Jorm Jon: Duang Jai Kabot (CH7)

5. Hotel Star The Series (CH3)

6. Theory of Love (GMM 25)

7. Song Naree (CH7)

8. Poo Yai Indee Yayee Inter (CH7)

9. 2 Moons 2 (Mello)

10. Dark Blue Kiss: Joop Sud Tai Hai Nai Khon Diew (GMM 25)

NumberTV Drama & SeriesVotes
1stSuparburoot Jorm Jon: Maturot Loghan26,908
2nd Bai Mai Tee Plid Plew18,224
3rdTharntype The Series11,010
4thSuparburoot Jorm Jon: Duang Jai Kabot6,001
5thHotel Stars The Series2,789
6thTheory of Love2,490
7thSong Naree1,342
8thPoo Bao Indy Yayee Inter1,157
9th2 Moons 21,045
10thDark Blue Kiss: Joop Sud Tai Hai Nai Khon Diew949

Which TV drama or series is your favorite? Let comment below to let us know.

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