Rising Actresses With Their New TV Dramas

3 popular rising actresses with their new TV dramas.

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Fern Nopjira

Photo: IG fernynop, supassra_sp, punpun_sutatta

Fern Nopjira is filming 2 new TV dramas “Kadee Rak Kham Wela” with Tao Sattapong and “Hongsutai Maai Layk 6” for ONE 31.

Kao Supassara

Kao Supassara finished filming the new drama “Trab Fah Mee Tawan” with Mark Prin.

Soon, she will have another new Thai TV3 drama “Koo Wein” with Peach Pachara, Mo Monchanok, and God Itthipat.

Punpun Sutatta

This year, Punpun Sutatta will have a new GMM 25 TV drama “Raan Dok Ngiw” with Tay Tawan and a TV series “Ruk Kong Nang Rai” with Pluem Purim.


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