Real Couples Of Thai TV3 Rising Actors And Actresses

Under Thai TV3, there are several new actors and actresses who are waiting to shine in the Thai entertainment industry. After working in the industry for a while, those rising actors and actresses have met their real loves.

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A beautiful actress Namwhan Phulita from a hit TV drama ‘Thong Aek Mor Yah Tah Chalong’ is dating her co-star Kiak Wattikorn after playing a TV drama ‘Mr. Merman’ together. They create a YouTube video and do a business of selling the T-shirt together.

Cake Nattavat, a new actor who plays a TV drama ‘Look Poo Chai Series – Pat’, and Krissiri Sukhsvasti are in a relationship for over a year.

Photo: whan.p | cakecarter

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