Shipped Couples From A TV Series ‘Cupids The Series’ That Couldn’t Be Real

Due to their great chemistry, Thai actors and actresses from ‘Cupids The Series’ have become shipped couples after working together in this project.

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1. Boy Pakorn and Toey Jarinporn

They worked together in a TV drama ‘The Cupids Series: Kammthep Hunsa’. Many audiences wished them to be a real couple. Finally, Toey Jarinporn opened her relationship with Alek Teeradetch. For Boy Pakorn, he is currently single.

2. Indy Intad and Wawa Nichari

They played a couple in a TV drama ‘The Cupids Series: Loob Kom Kammathep’ and became a shipped couple. However, both the actor and actress couldn’t become a real couple because Indy Intad has been in a relationship with a non-celebrity girl.

3. Punjan Prama and Cris Horwang

They have great chemistry and the viewers wished them to become a real couple. Finally, they’re only co-stars because both of them have a girlfriend and boyfriend in real-life.

4. Toey Pongsakorn and Cheer Thikumporn

They become a popular shipped couple after working together in ‘The Cupids Series: Sorn Ruk Kammathep’. In recent days, Cheer Thikumporn opens her relationship with Hi-So Big at the event.

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