8 Things About Singto Prachaya You Have Never Known Before

Singto Prachaya is a young actor who is well-known after playing a TV series ‘Sotus The Series’ with his co-star Krist Perawat.

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1. Singto Prachay was born on 28 July 1994.

2. He likes listening to music and reading the book.

3. He debuted as an actor in a TV series ‘Sotus The Series’ in 2016.

4. The actor also played a supporting role in a TV series ‘U-Prince The Series: The Single Lawyer’.

5. In 2017, he reunited with Krist Perawat in a TV series ‘Sotus S The Series’.

6. In 2018, he had 2 new TV series ‘Friend Zone’ and ‘Our Skyy’.

7. His new TV series ‘He’s Coming To Me’ just finished airing on GMM 25.

8. Soon, he will have another new series ‘Turn Lef, Turn Right’.

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