Son Yuke and Esther Supreeleela’s New Drama to Air Soon on PPTV

A new TV drama ‘Leh Game Rak’, starring Son Yuke and Esther Supreeleela, to air soon on the television.

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The drama reportedly to premiere on June 17, 2020, at 09.30 PM on PPTV. The source adds that the drama to air both in Thailand and China at the same time.

‘Leh Game Ruk’ was produced by The A-List Entertainment that Aum Atichart is a TV drama producer.

In the drama, Esther Supreeleela played ‘Nychaa’ who is an orphan. One day, she disguises herself as a man named ‘Nam Keng’, who is the son of a wealthy family.

Are you waiting for this upcoming TV drama?


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