Taew Natapohn Talks About Her Friendship With Matt Peranee

Taew Natapohn talks about her friendship with Matt Peranee in a new interview.

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The actress becomes a hot guest for her senior actor-singer Bird Thongchai in his new concert. Mew Nittha and Toey Jarinporn go to watch the show to support her.

“I invite many people to join the concert because I want them to watch and enjoy the show. Some friends have free time to attend the event but some don’t,” Taew Natapohn says.

“I also invite Matt Peranee and other people,” she continues.

“For our group, we haven’t met each other yet. We’re a small group of friends who always have a meal together. Now we’re still friends and always support each other as before,” the actress adds.

Photo: taewaew_natapohn

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