Taew Natapohn And Ton Arch Are Asked About Their Plan For The Future Wedding

On 14 February 2019, a beautiful actress Taew Natapohn and her boyfriend Ton Arch attended the event of SHISEIDO together and had an interview with reporters about their future wedding.

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Reporter: Today is Valentine’s Day. Do you have something surprise for her?

Ton: We have a meal together.

Taew: I feel happy when I get a flower.

Reporter: Will you propose her?

Ton: Not yet. (Laugh) I have to work and save money first.

Reporter: Have you planned for your future wedding? How long will it be?

Ton: I haven’t planned how many years from now. We work and save money first. It’s the time, we will have good news.

Reporter: 13 years you’re together. What do you feel?

Taew: It’s ok. We don’t have to adjust to each other. We understand each other. For sweetness, we have it sometimes.

Photo: exajunio | taewaew_natapohn

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