Thai Actresses Who Are Queens of TV Series

If you like watching Thai TV series, you’ll notice that these 3 Thai actresses appear in the TV series frequently. SEE ALSO: 10 Famous Young Thai Actors Who Are Popular After Playing Boys’ Love TV Series 1. Baifern Pimchanok After turning to be freelance actress, Baifern Pimchanok is so popular. She appeared in several TV […]

Most Beautiful Thai Female Celebrities of 2019

Thai female celebrities are not just talented but are also beautiful. They all have a charming smile, perfect teeth, pretty face shape, and also a slim body. SEE ALSO: James Jirayu, Saint Suppapong, and many others are in the list of ‘The 6 Top Talk About Thai Actors For The First Half of 2019’ Here […]

Thai Celebrities Who Totally Pass As Siblings

In the Thai entertainment industry, many Thai celebrities totally pass as siblings. SEE ALSO: James Ma Talks About Working With Kimmy Kimberley Anne Voltemas Once Again 1. Baifern Pimchanok and Saint Suppapong Both actor and actress play as ‘Nira’ or Chananthawat in a TV drama ‘Bai Mai Tee Plid Plew’. They really look like each […]

3 Thai Actors Turn Producers Who Are Currently Producing Their New TV Dramas

In the Thai entertainment industry, several Thai actors and actresses turn to be the TV drama producers. SEE ALSO: Boy Pakorn Talks About His Co-Star Chippy Sirin 1. Aum Atichart On 12 June 2019, Insight Entertainment of Aum Atichart hold the opening ceremony of a new TV drama ‘Leh Game Ruk’ starring Son Yuke and […]

Pong Nawat And Esther Supreeleela Take Lead Roles In A New TV Drama

According to Daradaily, a hot actor Pong Nawat and a talented actress Esther Supreeleela to take lead roles in a new TV drama ‘Dejavu’ (The unofficial TV drama name). SEE ALSO: Punjan Prama and Esther Supreeleela In A Movie ‘Love Battle’ This is the first time for Pong Nawat and Esther Supreeleela to play a […]

Ken Phupoom Makes A Cake For Esther Supreeleela On Her Birthday

On 18 May 2019, it’s a birthday of a beautiful and talented actress Esther Supreeleela. Ken Phupoom shared her photo with a piece of cake on his official Instagram with a caption “Happy Birthday. Wish you happy. It’s a cake that I make for her this year.” SEE ALSO: Son Yuke To Play Alongside Esther […]

3 Thai Stars Who Have Worked With Korean

As they have a talent, 3 Thai stars have a good opportunity working with Korean for a fashion show and TV program. SEE ALSO: An Actor-Singer Kongthap Peak Joins ‘Produce X 101’ 1. Esther Supreeleela The actress becomes a host in a TV show ‘Beauty No.9’ with a handsome and talented singer Super Junior’s Lee […]

Son Yuke And Esther Supreeleela Take Lead Roles In A New Drama

On 08 May 2019, Son Yuke and Esther Supreeleela attend the costume fitting of a new TV drama ‘Leh Game Ruk’ that will be aired on ONE 31 channel. SEE ALSO: Esther Supreeleela Talks About Her Upcoming Drama This is the first time for both actor and actress to play a couple in a TV […]

Esther Supreeleela Is Asked About Her New Drama

On 23 April 2019, Esther Supreeleela attends the event and has an interview with reporters about her new drama. SEE ALSO: Ken Phupoom and Esther Supreeleela Opened Up About Their Future Wedding Reporter: You turn to be a TV show host. Will you have fewer TV dramas? Esther: The drama just completed the filming. I’m […]