Thai Actors And Actresses Who Have Great Chemistry In New TV Dramas And Series

Various new TV dramas are airing on the television and you’ll see that these Thai actors and actresses have great chemistry playing TV dramas and series together.

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Sky Wongravee and Mai Davika

Mai Davika and Sky Wongravee work together for the first time in a TV series ‘My Ambulance’. The viewers say that they have great chemistry in this new TV series.

Kratingg Khunnarong and Namtarn Pichukkana

Namtarn Pichukkana is playing a new TV drama ‘Likit Haeng Jun’ with Kratingg Khunnarong.┬áThe audiences say that they like this couple and hope to see them playing a TV drama together once again.

Mike Pattaradet and Now Tisanart

Mike and Now comeback playing a TV drama together once again in ‘Suparburoot Jorm Jon: Dunag Jai Kabot’ and their chemistry is great as usual.

Photo: davikah | kratingg | mike_pattaradet

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