10 Thai Actors And Actresses Who Have Turned To Be TV Drama Producers

After working in the Thai entertainment industry for a long time, several Thai actors and actresses have turned to be TV drama producers. Some of them still play movies and dramas but some retired from their acting.

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Let check out the list of 10 Thai actors and actress who have turned to be producers below.

1. Anne Thongprasom (Thong Entertainment)

2. Off Pongpat (Act Art Generation)

3. Noi Butsakorn (Citizen Kane)

4. Yui Chiranan (Star Frame)

5. Ae Isariya (Kiatrapee)

6. May Feungarom (Dee Keun Dee One)

7. Ning Panita (Nino Brother)

8. Aom Phiyada and Jeab Sopidnapa (Magic If)

9. Donut Manasnan (Daughter Production)

10. Tik Kanyarat (North Star Production)

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