Thai Actresses Who Left Thai Channel 7

Some Thai actresses leave Thai channel 7 and turn to be freelancers after their contracts with the channel have expired.

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1. Peak Patrasaya

The actress leaves Thai channel 7 and turns to be a freelancer. she is currently filming a new TV drama ‘Wo Ai Ni Tur Tee Ruk’ with Sean Jindachot for PPTV.

2. Green Ausadaporn

A talented actress turns to be a freelancer in mid-2019. Green Ausadaporn plays a new TV drama ‘Phariya’ for PPTV and a TV series ‘Another Miss Oh’ for TRUE 4U.

3. Pooklook Fonthip

After leaving Thai channel 7, Pooklook Fonthip signs a contract with PPTV. She will have a new TV drama ‘Patiharn Ruk’ with Dj Push soon.

4. Kwan Usamanee

She also signs a contract with PPTV after leaving Thai channel 7. Kwan Usamanee is filming a new TV drama ‘Game Ruk Game Payabaht’ for this new channel.

5. Benz Punyaporn

The actress leaves Thai channel 7 for a while and turns to be a freelancer. Benz Punyaporn appears in a TV series ‘Club Friday The Series Season 11: Ruk Kohok’ on GMM 25 and a TV drama ‘Montra Maha Sanae’ on PPTV.

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