Thai actors who are really close to their mothers

The following are Thai actors who are really close to their mothers.

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Nadech Kugimiya

The top actor Nadech Kugimiya is really close to his mother Mae Keaw.

He often travels to the provinces and other countries with her. They’re so lovely when they’re together.

Kao Jirayu

Also on the list, a handsome actor Kao Jirayu is definitely close to his mother.

Also, his mother is his own manager.

Nine Naphat

A handsome rising actor Nine Naphat is actually close to his mother Moo Pimpaka.

They always go everywhere together because his mother is also his manager.

Tono Pakin

A singer-actor is also closed to his mother.

Tono Pakin admitted that he entered the entertainment industry because he could earn money and took care of his mother.

Mike D. Angelo

A handsome actor Mike D. Angelo is also close to his mother. She is always with and supports him.

Kem Hussawee

Photo: IG hussawee, pimpaka, keaw_jung, kaojirayu_9, koonsor7, tuktuktuk555

A rising actor Kem Hussawee just bought a new house for his mother in early 2020.

Interviewing with reporters, he admits that he is really close to his mother.

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