Thai Actors Who Are Popular Before Their Official Debut

Some actors are well-known after playing the popular TV dramas or movies, but these 3 celebrities are famous before their official debut.

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1. Nine Naphat

Due to his good-looking, Nine Naphat appeared in various commercials even he hasn’t played a movie or TV drama at that time.

Now he is so popular and well-known as Thai TV3 actor and a son of a senior actress Moo Pimpaka.

2. Toey Jarinporn

Toey Jarinporn was so popular on social media before she officially played a TV drama in 2008.

3. Jannine Weigel

Jannine Weigel covered the songs on YouTube before she turned to be a singer. She was so famous and had many fans before her official debut.

Photo: toeyjarinporn | jannineweigel | naphat_nine

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